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St. Louis, MO

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Welcome to the Internet home of Dave Morris, voice over artist.  Dave specializes in radio, television and web broadcast imaging, industrial voice overs, commercials, film studio narration, and more.

It's time for a new image - get yours.

Twenty-three years in the radio business taught me many things. First, how to e-NUN-see-ate. Second, how to live on a small salary. Third, how to pack light.

But mostly, how to entertain. Even though I've been out of radio and doing voice overs full time for 14 years, I haven't forgotten how.  Today, listeners are looking for reasons to choose mass media over media players or streaming services. It's our job to remove the 'mass' part and make it very personal. It's probably what I do best. With good writing, and topical and timely content, radio and television can attract the 'lonely' consumers... those who realize, as I did after spending a week with my iPod, that entertainment has value beyond the music.

I work with my clients on content, when they let me. I work with great broadcast minds and consultants every chance I get. I collaborate as often as possible with other media professionals, to find ways to advance the cause. If traditional electronic media is to survive, we will need fresh, new ideas.

As for service, I'm in the booth all day, every day, so turn-around is fast, usually same-day. I also have a production team that does top quality imaging and commercial work.

Of the myriad projects I've done, my favorite work is the narration/ production of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas," which I did as a Christmas present for children in my extended family. I've done voice work for nearly 200 radio and television stations around the world, but working on that Doctor Seuss classic remains my favorite project.

I have a wife and three kids, as well as a grown daughter, who are the coolest people I know.  I'm truly blessed.  I like golf, but it hates me. I'll bet you can relate. If not, we probably shouldn't play golf.