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Welcome to the Internet home of Dave Morris, voice over artist. Dave specializes in radio, television and web broadcast imaging, industrial voice overs, commercials, film studio narration, and more. Listen now.

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Proud of our new podcast

The Mind Matters podcast is a labor of love and a way for me to give back to the community that supports our family. We have three gifted kids, and our motivation for helping others comes, in no small part, from the daily struggles and blessings we experience with our children.

Give it a listen, or at least click over to the website and check out the project. And thanks.

"TV" Advertising is changing

For a while the advertising industry has considered programmatic buying as an odds-and-ends means of reaching a consumer. Now, when a dataset can be drilled down to individual-level, 'ads' as we know them will change.

Messaging will contain an aggregate of information targeted not only to a consumer, but to a particular one, based on location, time of day, personal preference, and even context, and then custom rendered on-the-fly.

Details here via AdWeek.