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Welcome to the Internet home of Dave Morris, voice over artist. Dave specializes in radio, television and web broadcast imaging, industrial voice overs, commercials, film studio narration, and more. Listen now.

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A jingle in your (hot) pocket

There is news this morning that "diseased and unsound" meat could have found it's way into Hot Pockets. Who didn't see that coming? Jim Gaffigan predicted it.

As I was reading the article, every time I came to the words 'hot pocket', I sang them in my head. I dug around and found a little history of the Hot Pocket product, but the most interesting thing I came across was this video featuring Snoop Lion/Dog/whatever and Kate Upton.

Fresh meat. Irony.

Back to the Hot Pocket Jingle. Simple. Written by the same guy who wrote "By... Mennen". Reinforced by Jim Gaffigan.

Jingles have captured the neuronal memory allocation of people for years. Although jingle usage has fallen out of favor with the advertising community a bit, we are reminded of the effective ones of the past.

Thanks to Alex Duquette for his talented representation of memorable jingles. Somehow, he left out Hot Pockets. Next time, Alex.

I didn't really have a point here. But I will end with this: my friend and former classmate Ned Wilkinson has made a pretty good living writing and producing jingles. In this video, he produces an entire song about his cat in 4 hours. He wrote it, and sang/played all of the parts. Musical genius. Enjoy.