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I will miss Leno

Until the Conan fiasco, the Tonight Show has been a steady, consistent entity. Its history is steeped in talent, although Johnny Carson is the clear high water mark. Think of the guests who have graced the stage with Paar, Allen, Carson, and Leno.

I will miss Jay. Not because I watched Jay. I didn't, I am more of a Letterman guy, and lately, Craig Ferguson is my late-night muse. But I'll miss Jay because he's a genuine, good guy. He has a great sense of humor, and absolutely dominated in the late night ratings. He was a steady presence. He was a fair interviewer. Nobody knew his politics because he avoided them. He had a pragmatic approach to the show. He kept it classy.

I saw a quote about Leno yesterday.  Something to the effect of “everyone hates Leno and he takes it personally, and everyone loves Letterman and he doesn’t give a shit”. I’d say that’s true. Show business is a tough trade and not for the weak of heart.

Leno doesn't deserve our hatred. But that’s just me.