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Welcome to the Internet home of Dave Morris, voice over artist. Dave specializes in radio, television and web broadcast imaging, industrial voice overs, commercials, film studio narration, and more. Listen now.

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Voice over actor/Jeopardy winner investing his winnings

Courtesy CBS Television

Courtesy CBS Television

Arthur Chu won almost $300,000 on Jeopardy recently, and did it a pretty unorthodox fashion. That made him something of a controversial subject, although mostly just with the traditionalist Jeopardy fans.

People remember Arthur for being the third-biggest winner in Jeopardy history, but few remember his real profession: Voice over artist. (yeah, all the geniuses are in the VO industry.)

Here's the story from the Biz Journals.  He's planning on building a home studio, as soon as he builds a home. First things first, eh?

Arthur's demo is here, he is pretty good!